Events API

Zaraz allows you to track the actions your users are taking on your website and other "events" that might happen in real-time (common user actions you'd like to track are "Successful Signups", "CTA clicks", "Purchases" and the like. Common examples for other types of events are tracking the impressions of specific elements on your page, or the loading of a specific widget, etc).

Use the Events API to start tracking events:

zaraz.track('Signup completed', { value: '200', currency: 'USD' })

Only the first parameter is required, and it should be a string specifying the name of the event you would like to track. The second parameter is an optional free-form object that can be used to send an additional set of key-value properties. For example, if the event you are tracking is "Purchase", this object can include price, currency, transaction_id, tax, etc.