Sending Events to a Third-Party Tool

Events are bundles of information that you send to a third-party tool. Triggers determine when events are fired to a third party. For information about setting a trigger, make sure to check the Creating a Trigger topic. After setting up a trigger, it's time to tell Zaraz what data to send the third-party tools by creating events. Here is how you set them up:

  1. On the third-parties section, click on the tool to which you wish to send an event.
  2. The tools settings page will open. Click on the events tab, just below the title.
  3. Under the tracking events section, on the left side of the screen, you can see the list of events that are currently sent to this specific tool.
  4. When you click on an event, you will see its details on the right side of the screen.
  5. To add a new event, click on the add event button in the upper right.
  6. You should start by giving this event a name. The name will be used by you and your teammates when working in the Zaraz dashboard.
  7. Click on the firing triggers field.
  8. A dropdown selection will appear, from which you should choose the relevant trigger. When this trigger is valid, the event will be sent.
  9. Depending on the tool you are configuring, additional settings need to be added.
  10. Click the "Add Event" button.
  11. At the upper right side of the "tracking events" section, you can see the triggering rules. You can also add "Blocking" triggers. Blocking triggers will prevent this event from occurring.
  12. Below you can see exactly what data you are sending to your selected third-party end-point.