Previewing, Publishing and Reverting Configurations

We recommend checking and previewing your third-party configuration changes before you publish them to your live site in order to catch and remedy any mistakes as early as possible. You can also revert published changes and restore your configuration to a previous version in case any unwanted slip through:

  1. When you are done making changes, hit the preview button at the top bar of the page.
  2. This will automatically open a new tab with your website. Behind the scenes, Zaraz will implement a first-party cookie that will apply the changes you have just configured, only for your specific browser session. No other visitor will be exposed to these changes before you publish. Think of it as a staging environment created in your browser.
  3. While in this preview environment, you can inspect your network traffic, and see if the changes you have made result in the desired behavior.
  4. When you are done inspecting your changes, head back to the dashboard and hit "publish".
  5. Give the new version a quick description, and publish.
  6. To revert to an earlier version, click "history" at the left sidebar.
  7. Choose the version you want to restore, click "revert to this version" and publish again.