Create Data Loss Prevention Rules to Improve User's Privacy

Zaraz Data Loss Prevention (DLP) allows you to create filters and apply them to data that is sent to third-party providers. For example, you can choose to apply a filter that detects first names and apply it to your Facebook Pixel setup, or apply an Email Address filter to your Google Analytics tracking. Zaraz will then monitor all data going to these providers and check for matches. You can choose between Zaraz sending alerts for matches and/or Zaraz automatically masking or redacting these inputs.

Create a DLP rule with the following steps:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click on "DLP Rules"
  2. Click the plus button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Give the new rule a name. This name is private to you and your team when using the Zaraz dashboard.
  4. Decide on the type of action you want to take. Choose "email", to send email alerts, or "mask" to hide the information you filter from its destination.
  5. Choose the type of filter you want to use: regex rules or a list.
  6. Add the rule's values. For example, you can create a regex rule to capture email addresses, or you can run every request against a list of private names you collected.
  7. Hit the save button.