Adding a Tool

Using the Zaraz dashboard, you can easily add a new third-party tool and load it on your website with the following steps:

  1. On the third-parties page, click the plus sign at the bottom of the page.
  2. After clicking the plus sign, a third-party catalog will open, from which you can choose the tool you wish to add. You can use the search bar at the top right of the page or browse the catalog by different categories.
  3. Click on the desired tool and then click "confirm."
  4. You will be directed to a three-step wizard that will help you configure the new tool.
  5. In the first step, you would need to configure the primary default fields, like account IDs or API keys.
  6. In the second step, you'd need to configure the load strategy, or in other words -- what optimization technique should Zaraz use to load the new tool. We recommend using the default optimization setting, but additional settings will appear on the screen if you decide to toggle it off. Feel free to check out our documentation for further explanations about each load strategy.
  7. As a final step, you need to configure the first event that you wish to send. For most tools, it will be a simple pageview event, for which Zaraz offers a preset configuration. We recommend using the pre-filled format that you see. Every event includes:
    1. An Event Name, the name of the event that will be used internally in the Zaraz dashboard.
    2. A trigger - a set of rules that need to apply in order for Zaraz to trigger an event. In this case, for example, Zaraz has a preset trigger for pageviews that will be automatically used.
    3. When applicable, some additional fields to configure the type of data you wish to send to the new tool.
  8. Click next to complete the process.
  9. The new tool you just added will be loaded on your website only after the changes you've made are published. Find more information about previewing and publishing in the Previewing, Publishing and Reverting Configurations article.