Zaraz is now part of Cloudflare!

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Zaraz was acquired by Cloudflare!

Zaraz logoThe ZARAZ Team
December 8, 2021Share this article

We are happy to announce that Zaraz was acquired by Cloudflare! Starting today, we are offering Cloudflare Zaraz (beta) to all of Cloudflare’s customers. Zaraz is integrated into the Cloudflare dashboard and customers can start using it by toggling the solution on in their account. No coding is required.

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We would like to send huge shout-outs to our investors, who supported us even in times of uncertainty. We started building Zaraz when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Everyone went into lockdown, and almost all fundraising activity stopped. But despite the circumstances, we managed to gather the most supportive investors to join our journey and help us build our technology. Our greatest thanks to: Y Combinator, F2 Capital, Starling Ventures, Stormbreaker Ventures, Kevin Lin, Coughdrop Capital, Taurus Ventures, Cabra VC, Golden Valley Management, John Moyer, Honeystone Ventures, Emles Venture Partners, and Pico Venture Partners. Thank you for your hard work and everything you have done for us.

Zaraz started as a basic MVP that we built based on customer feedback, and quickly developed into a robust enterprise-ready product used by top internet companies. One example is Instacart using Zaraz to boost page speed and improve security on their website. We help our customers make their websites faster and more secure, but without their willingness to test new innovative technology — without them being open to try out new features and provide feedback — we simply wouldn’t be here today. We want to thank all of our customers for trusting in us, and for their innovative mindset. This is exactly what pushes the world forward. Thank you for allowing us to work with you, and allowing us to help build a better Internet.

This is no doubt a huge milestone for us as a team, but this is also a very important milestone for each one of us individually. We want to thank Simona Andreea Badoiu, who was the first engineer to join us before we even launched with the first customer, and Ruskin Constant, who came onboard next to push our engineering capabilities even further. The two of them not only brought incredible software engineering skills (dealing with everything from setting up an entire backend architecture, to building slick user interfaces and dashboards from scratch), they also made our journey fun and enjoyable, and we can’t thank them enough. Moving forward, our team is joining the Cloudflare office in Lisbon, and we will keep working together until Zaraz is a fully-developed product offering used by millions of websites. We are building technology that will make the entire internet faster and more secure for everyone. We can’t wait to see where this collaboration with Cloudflare leads us.

Thank you!
Yair Dovrat & Yo’av Moshe
Cofounders of Zaraz